Are there any special rules for having a garage sale?

Notwithstanding any regulations above to the contrary, a Garage Sale may be conducted only on a premise located within an AG, RR, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6 or PUD District and shall be subject to the following additional regulations:

  1. A Garage Sale may be conducted two (2) times each calendar year and shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days in duration;
  2. A Garage Sale shall only be conducted during the hours from sunrise to sunset;
  3. All personal property exhibited outdoors during a Garage Sale shall be placed within a building or structure or otherwise removed from the premises immediately following the Garage Sale;
  4. No Garage Sale shall occur unless a permit therefor has been obtained from the Clerk-Treasurer or the Town of Plainfield.  All Garage Sale Permit Applications shall include the name of the owner(s) involved in the Garage sale, the Address(es) of the Garage Sale and the Date(s) of the Garage Sale.  If an application for a Garage Sale Permit indicates compliance with the provisions of the Article, a Garage Sale Permit shall be issued.
  5. The Garage Sale Permit shall be clearly displayed on the premises of the Garage Sale for the complete duration of the Garage Sale.
  6. Garage Sale Signs shall comply with the applicable provisions of Article VII.
  7. Nothing in this Article shall be construed to prohibit one (1) or more owners from conducting a combined Garage Sale on one (1) of the premises owned by the participants, provided that all other provisions of this Article are complied with.

To find your parcel district, please see Planning and Zoning FAQ #1: How do I find the zoning for a parcel/property? 

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