What is the process for developing a commercial/industrial project in Plainfield?

Public Hearings

This process typically starts with a public hearing(s) before the Plainfield Plan Commission and/or Board of Zoning Appeals. For this step, contact Eric Berg or Jill Sprague to determine if your property and/or project will require any hearings. They will continue to be your contacts throughout the public hearing process.

Construction Plan approval will be required before any actual permits are issued. This can sometimes begin taking place at the same time as or at least during the process of getting public hearing approval. Patty Seymour can help you begin the process of Construction Plan Review.


Once approved by the Plan Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals, you move on to the permitting process. As mentioned, the first portion of this process involves a review of your Construction Plans and may have already taken place. If not, submit your Construction Plans first.

Improvement Location Permit

You may submit the paperwork necessary for an Improvement Location Permit (ILP) and/or Building Permit at the same time. Typically this is not done until after approval at any required public hearings. Submit any ILP applications/paperwork to Jill Sprague. Ed Rudolphi will collect the Building Permit application and plans.

You should note that the permitting process has a definite order to it. ILP approval will not be granted until the Construction Plans have been approved, however, the process of getting the ILP approved may occur before Construction Plan approval.

Approval of Permit

The Building Permit is reviewed by the Building Commissioner and the Fire Marshal. These reviews are not typically performed until the ILP is approved. The review can sometimes be partially expedited if you request a foundation permit. Additionally, a building permit will not be issued until an address has been assigned to a property. Contact Jill Sprague for addressing requests/questions.


Inspections will take place during construction with the Fire Marshal and a Building Inspector present. They will inspect a structure for Building and Fire Code Compliance. Contact Ed Rudolphi to set up these inspections.

Once the structure and site work are completed, Jill Sprague will conduct an inspection of the property to ensure that all zoning requirements (e.g. landscaping, exterior lighting, parking, etc.) are in compliance. Contact her when the site is ready for this inspection.

Certificate of Zoning

Once all inspections show that a project is in compliance you will be issued a Certificate of Zoning Compliance and the project will be complete!

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