Is my trash fee increasing?

Service fees, as with everything, have increased. Therefore, the Town is reviewing fees and exploring new ways to manage the overall cost increases, and these automated systems will mean reduced overall costs for the Town and residents relative to the existing system.  

The new contract entered into with Ray’s Trash in 2022 increased the per household per month cost from approximately $8.95 to $15.87.  This was a significant increase for Plainfield, but still less than what many neighboring communities pay for trash and recycling services.  WM assumed the contract from Ray’s and is now working with the Town to reduce that overall cost.  The move to automated service will reduce the Town’s cost to approximately $14 per household per month.    

Please keep in mind that residents contribute $1 per household toward recycling through utility bills. The remaining amount is covered using general tax revenues. 

While ongoing cost review will continue with more information in the coming months, this automated system has become the standard for waste disposal. 

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