How is the Town going to help businesses that are impacted?

One goal of redevelopment is to provide enticing opportunities for residents and visitors to experience the character of downtown, which includes existing businesses. The plan should serve to support and help grow existing businesses in the downtown business district. The Town will continue to work with businesses in the redevelopment area, such as Flapjacks, Dairy Queen, and others, to be included in the redevelopment plan and will provide those businesses information and access to available resources.

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1. Will the Town use eminent domain to take my property?
2. We didn’t know about this redevelopment plan. When did you have public meetings?
3. What is the Town going to do about the potential of displacing residents?
4. If the property values go up, our taxes will go up. Some can’t afford this. What is the Town’s plan?
5. What about the historical structures in the redevelopment area?
6. How is the Town going to help businesses that are impacted?
7. What is the timing of the development plan?
8. How much will the downtown redevelopment cost the Town?
9. How does this project impact the mall with additional retail options?
10. What about parking for the new developments?
11. Is the Town interested in buying my property?