Plan Commission Projects

Past, Current, and Future Projects for Plan Commission Public Hearing

Public Hearings are designed to give the public the opportunity to comment upon projects that are seeking Plan Commission approval.  

Where to find the Projects

  • Current and Future Projects will be found in two places--the Current Tab and alphabetically (or numerically if the project name starts with a number) in the tabs on the left below.
  • Past Projects will also be found alphabetically (or numerically if the project name starts with a number) in the tabs on the left below. 
  • Town of Plainfield Projects (Town building projects, comprehensive plan amendments, amendments to the zoning or subdivision regulations, etc) will be found in the "Town of Plainfield" tab below

More about Current and Future Projects

  • If a Current or Future Project has a Docket number such as PP-20-XXX, DP-20-XXX, RZ-20-XXX, or PUD-20-XXX, it means that it has been received but not yet docketed for a meeting. Projects are reviewed for completeness prior to docketing.

November 21, 2022 Board of Zoning Appeals

No meeting--no cases were filed

November 21, 2022 Plan Commission
Family Promise Resource Center--The applicant has requested to withdraw the petition.
PUD-22-081: Petition requesting Zone Map Amendment from REL: Religious to Family Promise Resource and Cultural Center Planned Unit Development.
FDP-22-081: Petition requesting Final Detailed Plan approval for the Family Promise Resource and Cultural Center
Location: 1331 Section Street

December 5, 2022 Plan Commission
Scooters Coffee
DP-22-094: Requesting Architectural and Site Design Approval for a drive-through only coffee establishment.
1805 East Main Street 

Stanley Terrace PUD Modifications
PUD-22-097:  Modification of the approved Stanley Terrace Planned Unit Development to include additional land and dedicate portions of the land in the Planned Unit Development back to the Town.
Location:  Former Stanley Fertilizer property at the intersections of East Depot Street with North East and North Vine Streets.

Future Plan Commission 

Hobbs Station Sign Regulations
PUD-22-XXX:  A petition proposing to revise the Hobbs Station Planned Unit Development to include specialized sign regulations
Location: Northeast corner of the Smith/Township/Perry Roads roundabout.

Village at Plank Road
PUD-22-XXX: A petition to amend the Double Creek Planned Unit Development.
Location:  North of East Main Street, west of the Hendricks/Marion County line

Accessory Uses and Structures
TA-22-XX  Proposed text amendment to revise Article 4.1 of the Plainfield Zoning Ordinance regarding Accessory Structures

Future Board of Zoning Appeals

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Current and Past Projects

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