Plan Commission Projects

Past, Current, and Future Projects for Plan Commission Public Hearing

Public Hearings are designed to give the public the opportunity to comment upon projects that are seeking Plan Commission approval.  

Where to find the Projects

  • Current and Future Projects will be found in two places--the Current Tab and alphabetically (or numerically if the project name starts with a number) in the tabs on the left below.
  • Past Projects will also be found alphabetically (or numerically if the project name starts with a number) in the tabs on the left below. 
  • Town of Plainfield Projects (Town building projects, comprehensive plan amendments, amendments to the zoning or subdivision regulations, etc) will be found in the "Town of Plainfield" tab below

More about Current and Future Projects

  • If a Current or Future Project has a Docket number such as PP-20-XXX, DP-20-XXX, RZ-20-XXX, or PUD-20-XXX, it means that it has been received but not yet docketed for a meeting. Projects are reviewed for completeness prior to docketing.

Current Projects

February 18, 2021 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting

Meeting canceled, no agenda items

March 1, 2021 Plan Commission Meeting

Barnhart (319 S. Center) Rezone (RZ-21-003)
RZ-21-003: Petition seeking rezone of a parcel from R-4: Medium Density Residential to "Multifamily"
319 South Center Street
Applicant:  Jeff Barnhart

Allpoints 17 (DP-21-008)
DP-21-008: A petition seeking architectural and site plan approval for a 593,288 square foot industrial building on 31.37 acres zoned I-2: Office/Warehouse Distribution
Southwest corner of the intersection of Smith Road and CR 100 S
Applicant:  Terry Hebert, Browning Investments

Hendricks Therapy Renovation (DP-21-014)
DP-21-014: A petition requesting amendment of an Architectural and Site Design approval including the utilization of architectural waivers.
6291 Cambridge Way
Applicant: Hendricks Therapy Plainfield LLC

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Current and Past Projects