Water & Sewer

Billing Questions

Please call 317-837-0000 for the following:

  • Questions related to your water or sewer bill
  • Requests for water to be turned off/on
  • Checks for leaks
  • General inquiries
  • Bill transfers to another name

Who to Contact

  • For sewer inquiries relating to back-ups, please call Public Works at 317-839-3490.
  • For after-hours emergency requests to turn water off/on, sewer back-ups, etc, please call dispatch at 317-839-8700.
  • To tap into Plainfield Water, you must first pay the $1,255 tap and inspection fees at Town Hall. Secondly, you must schedule a tap inspection with Public Works by calling 317-839-3490 to take place as you are making the tap into town water. You may schedule a meter set with Town Hall by calling 317-837-0000 when you pay the tap/inspection fee or at a later time. For more information, please view the Town Standards (PDF).
  • To schedule a water or sewer service line inspection of a newly installed service line or repair of a service line, please call Plainfield Public Works at 317-839-3490. A 24-hour notice is required.

Water Quality Reports

Annually the town reports on the water quality from our three water plants. The next updates are expected in June of 2023 and will be for 2022.