Planning & Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance

The official Zoning Ordinance is maintained by American Legal Publishing and can be found at this site.

The American Legal Publishing site is updated semiannually and may not reflect amendments to the Town of Plainfield Planning and Zoning Ordinances. 

You can find a working version of the ordinance here (PDF) that reflects the following amendments approved by the Plainfield Town Council:

Ordinance 22-2022 (Commercial Indoor Lodging) enacted 03-14-2022 

Ordinance 23-2022 (Off-Street Parking) enacted 06-13-2022 

Ordinance 36-2022 (Land Use Matrix) enacted 06-13-2022 

Ordinance 46-2022 (Master Plan) enacted 11-14-2022

Ordinance 52-2022 (Sign Ordinance) enacted 12-12-2022

Ordinance 03-2023 (Accessory Uses and Structures) enacted 01-23-2023

Ordinance 04-2023 (Omnibus) enacted 01-23-2023

Ordinance 15-2023 (Development Standards Matrices) enacted 04-24-2023