Development Process

2022 Development Guide (PDF). This document will help guide you through the following processes:

  • Annexation
  • Rezoning/Planned Unit Developments
  • Development Plans/Final Detailed Plans
  • Primary Plats
  • Secondary Plats
  • Variances and Special Exceptions
  • Administrative Permits

2022 Plan Commission Calendar (PDF)
2022 Board of Zoning Appeals Calendar (PDF)

2021 Calendars (PDF)

  1. Annexation
  2. Rezoning
  3. Platting
  4. Variance
  5. Development Plan
  6. Secondary Plat
  7. Plan Review
  8. Permits

Is the land in Town?  If yes, move to the Rezoning tab.

If no, the process is as follows:

File a petition with the Council, which should include a letter of request from the owner addressed to the Town Manager and/or Town Council.

Within 30 days of filing the annexation request will be informally presented to the Town Council.  During this time, pursuant to Zoning Ordinance Section 8.6, all property annexed defaults to AG –Agricultural Zoning.  If another zoning District is desired, the owner may file petition for Zone Map Amendment, for which, refer to the Rezoning tab.  Plan Commission holds public hearing on Zone Map Amendment, certifies the petition to the Town Council with a recommendation.  Town Council considers and determines the Annexation question and Zone Map Amendment by a single combined vote.

Fiscal Plan Resolution – Must be prepared and adopted any time before the adoption of Annexation.

14 days or more will pass before the first council meeting at which the Council will adopt a Resolution to set the date of the hearing on the Annexation with an address and/or legal description.

The Town will publish a Notice of Public Hearing.  20 days or more later, the council meeting for the Public Hearing on the Annexation of Property will take place.  The Council typically considers and adopts the Resolution Regarding the Fiscal Plan at this time.

14 days after the Public Hearing the Council meets to consider and/or adopt the Annexation Ordinance.

As soon as possible after this meeting, the Clerk-Treasurer publishes the Annexation ordinance.  The publication date is the start of the 30 day appeal window.

After the 30 day appeal period, the Clerk-Treasurer files the annexation ordinance with:

  • County Auditor
  • Hendricks Circuit Court
  • Office of Secretary of State
  • Office of Census

The Annexation Ordinance is also recorded with the County Recorder's office at this time.

Supervoluntary Annexation

 The Town of Plainfield only considers supervoluntary annexation (100% of the property owners request annexation.) 

Voluntary (50% of property owners requesting annexation) and involuntary annexation will not be considered by the Town of Plainfield.